Futon Covers, And What You Need To Know About Them

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The futon originates from Japan and can be described as an organic mat that is slept upon on the floor. When compared to the generic mattress, the Japanese futon is relatively thinner and is hence much easier to roll up and stow away when not in use, thereby maximising one’s living space. In the West, a similar bedding system is also marketed as a futon, although the construction of the bed is contrastingly different.

Have you considered buying a futon cover?

For one thing, while the traditional Japanese futon comprises of a quilt, a pillow and a padded mattress to be placed on the floor, the Western futon is basically a sofa bed consisting of a padded mattress attached to a sofa frame (also known as a futon frame). Futon covers are also placed over the Western futon to protect and extend the lifespan of the mattress.  One other distinction between the Asian and Western futon is that while the former bedding can be rolled up and stowed away, the Western futon can be transformed into a daytime couch when not in use.

Futon covers are a compulsory accessory of the Western futon as the mattress built into the futon frame is slightly inconvenient to remove and clean, much like how it would be a hassle to uninstall a bed mattress from the bed frame. As such, a much better option would be to have a convenient futon cover which one can easily install and remove for washing and cleaning on a periodic basis.

Like the phone casing of a generic iPad, the futon cover also allows the user the option of personalizing his or her space according to their preferred futon patterns. As a sofa bed would probably be the main furniture in any space, the act of swapping covers can be profound enough to change the mood and perception of any living space without having to fork out large sums of money on new furniture.

Like sofa covers and bed covers, the price range of the futon cover also varies depending on durability, quality and pattern. The first step to choosing the right futon cover for you is to first consider the occupants of the futon. If you happen to have children and live-in house pets residing with you, a durable futon cover which will be able to last through frequent washing is recommended, such as futon covers made from weighted muslin broadcloth and vinyl. On the other hand, singles should stick to futon covers in solid color prints which you can decorate simply by switching pillows according to the season or mood.

Once you’ve taken your lifestyle into consideration, you can then play around with the texture of your futon cover, with the most popular covers being made from microfibers, denim and faux leather. It is interesting to note that while leather covers are usually very expensive and challenging to wash, futon covers made from faux leather is made from synthetic material which can be machine washed and can withstand years of use.

To further extend the lifespan of your futon, homeowners can also purchase medical-grade mattress protectors as well. This mattress protector is to be covered over the futon to protect against water spills, dust mites and mildew growth. The futon cover is then placed over the mattress protector to add comfort and aesthetic value to the furniture.

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