Futon Review: DHP Lodge Futon

In Short

A stylish, cheap black futon that is good value for the price. An excellent choice for filling a space or a teen bedroom.


December 2019 Update: 

This futon is no longer at the top of my recommended list. The best cheap futon I can find is the DHP 6-inch Coil Futon Couch – do yourself a favour and take a look. It is perfect for double duty on a budget. 

Lots of people are looking for a cheap black futon: something quick and easy to fill a space and act as a spare bed. The DHP Lodge could be a good choice for occasional use in a small space, a kids bedroom or a spot in your home that just needs filling. Or maybe you just need something right now while you save for the piece you really want. For the price, this isn’t going to be the best futon on the market but it has a few good features that make it appealing.

Let’s be really clear about where this wouldn’t be a good fit. Klik klak futons are generally not suitable regular sleep and at 68 inches long, this isn’t going to suit most adults for sleep anyway. In fact, this is mainly suited to one smaller person sleeping on it for one night. Falling firmly in the budget futon category, this isn’t something that is built to last, nor will it stand up to lots of daily use.

On the other hand, this futon would be a great fit for many situations. If your space is small and not often utilised – a second living area, a porch, an odd space that needs filling – this would be fine. It also works in a kid’s bedroom for the occasional sleepover or light daily use. It is also great if you just need a quick fix and you are aware that (at this price) it isn’t going to be durable when using it every day.

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For my money, I’d prefer to grab a Japanese floor futon and use it either as a bed or a floor cushion, keeping it simple and comfortable. I know for some that floor living is not appealing or possible, so if you find the pros outweigh the cons on this one, go for it. DHP are a big manufacturer and they have a huge range – you are sure to get value for the price.


So what do you get on a budget? A small but decent color range. Although the black is certainly a popular choice, the red is my pick for a nice pop of color. All color choices are covered with microfiber which is relatively easy to clean. It quickly folds back for sleeping mode and it is also easy to assemble, needing no tools. It is compact – living spaces are getting smaller in many places and finding compact furniture is not always easy. The main downside to klik klak futons is that they can be a bit unstable for sleeping. Since you are only going to have one small person on here this isn’t going to be a huge problem.

Overall, I like the style of this futon. The tufted cushion will suit any Asian inspired look but is simple enough to go anywhere really.




  • Microfiber cover
  • Twin size – but a little shorter
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Four colors: Black, Red, Charcoal and Brown
  • Weight:  56 pounds


  • Simple design, easy to use.
  • Compact
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Budget price


  • Built to a price, not to quality
  • Short twin size

In short:

If you are looking for cheap futons and you are on a budget, the DHP Lodge Futon is a popular choice.