Single Memory Foam Mattress

Single Memory Foam Mattress Maintenance Tips

The single memory foam mattress is akin to sleeping on a soft, sturdy cloud as the surface of the mattress is engineered by NASA scientists to contour along your body shape, thereby relieving you of any pressure points or stressed muscles. The structure of the memory foam is also designed to allow plenty of ambient air to circulate directly through the mattress as well, which can then help keep your body cool during summer nights or warm it up during winter season.

Whether you’re purchasing a double or single memory foam mattress though, one true fact is that this material is certainly the most expensive in the current market, which means that you should always seek to get the most out of your mattress to stretch its monetary value. Upon unwrapping your memory foam, do not be concerned about the odour emitted from the new mattress as the pungent smell is an indication that the memory foam has been correctly sanitized and packaged prior to delivery. If the smell is offensive enough to disturb your sleep at night, all you need to do is to air the mattress outside. This is particularly easy with a single memory foam mattress as you could easily elevate the new mattress up against your balcony or clothes hanger for an hour.


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After the mattress has been sunned out, you can then install the mattress against the bed frame. To protect the surface of the expensive mattress from spillage and dust, you might also want to include a mattress topper or padding to create an extra layer of protection around your memory foam. The best thing about the topper is that is does not remove the effectiveness of the memory foam while also protecting the sleeper from harmful allergens. The memory foam topper should then be washed at least every two weeks along with the rest of the bed sheet coverings for hygienic reasons.

In the event that you do accidentally spill liquids (like coffee or wine) directly onto your single memory foam mattress, you will be delighted to know that the spillage can be easily soaked up by a dry cloth. Like any other stains, tarnishes created on the memory foam surface are easier removed when it is done so immediately. For stubborn stains, you may want to try gently dabbing at the surface area with a damp washcloth instead, but do be careful to apply as minimal pressure as possible as the last thing you want is to unintentionally push the stains deeper into the mattress, which will then further set the stain onto the surface of the memory foam.

The third option would be to spray a mixture consisting of half a cup of warm water and another half a cup of white vinegar to the offending spot. A portable fan should then be used to dry out the sprayed area. Following that, you can then air the mattress outside in the sun for about four hours to fully remove the stain and smell of vinegar.

Otherwise, regularly maintaining your single memory foam mattress only means that you should rotate your memory foam 180 degrees every six months. It is important that you rotate your mattress, but do not flip it around during the rotation.