Unfold Your Dreams: the Amazing Futon Bed

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What is a futon bed
Anyone who has ever had to purchase a bed for the first time when moving into that first apartment no doubt remembers the high price and the major hassle of transport, and this is why many people are turning to futon beds. These unique and versatile beds are a perfect fit for any apartment, studio flat, or any bedroom. Unlike traditional a traditional bed, a futon can convert from a comfortable couch into a full-sized bed with just a few quick adjustments, and then back again. They save space, cost much less than a regular bed, and are being made more comfortable now than ever before.

The many benefits of futon beds
Many people think of futon beds as cheap, wobbly pieces of furniture that are only good for a college dorm room, but today, these beds are more comfortable than ever, and some of the higher-end models sleep more than one person and can serve as a full-time bed. They come in a variety of different sizes, and there are even smaller versions that are suitable for a child’s room. In a market where traditional mattresses and bed frames can cost more than two months’ rent, a futon is a great choice for anyone who is moving into an apartment for the first time. A futon not only saves space because it is smaller than a regular bed, but it also saves money in two ways. First, because it is both a bed and a couch, there is no need to buy both pieces separately, both of which can be expensive. Secondly, futon beds cost half or less of what most traditional beds do, including the mattress.

Differences from sofa bed and origins
When people think of futon beds, they might think of a traditional fold-out sofa, but a futon differs from a sofa bed in many different ways. While sofa beds are also versatile, they are built differently. With a sofa bed, the cushions are removed and the bed is pulled from the inside of the frame. A futon frame folds in the center, allowing it to either stand up for use as a couch or lie flat to be used as a bed. futon beds are also lighter than sofa beds because the frames are usually made of wood. They originated in Japan, where very thick, pliable mattresses were laid out in the evening for guests, which could then be folded and stored away during the day. Unlike the version that can be found today in America, these did not have frames. The modern design of the futon combines both convenience and style in a two-in-one dynamic that is suitable for any living space. For those who want their futon to always reflect their current style and décor, there are many futon covers to choose from as well. From its simple beginnings in the Orient to beautiful and modern bedrooms in America today, the futon is coming into its own as a highly functional and unique choice when it comes to adding furniture to any room.

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