What’s the Purpose of a Futon Cover?

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A futon cover is used to protect your futon mattress from any spills or stains. It is a great investment for most people because considering the cost of the mattress; it’s a small price for the peace of mind. The futon cover is actually made like a casing with a zipper which runs along 3 sides of the mattress. This allows you to easily slide on the cover on the mattress or remove it when you want to clean it.

Futon covers come in many types of fabrics and there are extensive designs to choose from. So the other purpose of the cover is to make your futon frame more beautiful and match the decor in your room. A good way to choose which cover to buy is to look at your curtains, carpet, or paintings in the room. Find patterns and colors which complement your room setting.

Another reason to use a futon cover is so you can change the look of your furniture without an expensive replacement or upgrade. Let’s say you no longer wanted a tropical theme room and wanted to make your place more modern or contemporary. Instead of buying another futon couch or sofa, just replace your current floral futon cover with a more modern design cover for much less.

As you can see, futon covers are not only useful for protection of the mattress; they can offer quick and easy solutions for decorating your space!